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laCREATIVE Webflow Template

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$ 350.00 USD

laCREATIVE is a pre-designed website for creatives and design educators, who want to sell courses, services and digital products.

Position yourself as a professional

laCREATIVE is made for professionals like you. For achievers who would like to share their message and knowledge while building the community.

Build a community around your brand

When we meet like-minded individuals, we are happy to stay in touch and learn from each other. laCREATIVE gives you this personal touch to help you connect with the right audience and become noticeable for them.

Sell your courses, products, services

laCREATIVE the necessary functionality to help you sell digital products and services. You can use the Sales Page to build up your waiting list and Ecommerce pages to collect payments and book services.

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How to use this template


Webflow Account & Template transfer

This template is created for the Webflow platform, for the most flexible and customisable visual web design platform in the market. And to start using this template, you will need an account because your template would be delivered to your account. After you receive your template into your Webflow account, you can customise it.


Template Customisation

The template is an excellent foundation for launching your website. But to make it your own, you will need to customise fonts, colours, images and texts. To make it easier for you, I’ve created a dedicated page named Styleguide with all the styles in one place. So you can change it in one place and see the change across the whole website.


Website launch

After all the heavy lifting is done, what’s left is to make sure that you didn’t forget about SEO, analytics, custom domain, favicon, working links and Open Graph settings.

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What do I need to get ready before we start?

I am the person who will take your content and create an online presence backed up by your brand strategy. But you will need to sort out your content before we start. The best way would be to have a professional photoshoot done. And have messaging written by a copywriter.

If I don’t have photos?

The best way is to have your photoshoot done by a photographer. But if you don’t have professional photos yet, we can use selfie-type shoots meanwhile.

If I don’t have copy?

Once you secure your spot, I will send you the onboarding package. Inside, you will find your website messaging ideas. You can write your copy by yourself or work with a copywriter. But your messaging should be ready before the project starting date.

If I don’t have branding?

That is totally fine. That is where I step in. You will need to create a Pinterest board with ideas and styles that inspire you, and I will turn it into your unique branding.

If I already have branding?

That’s great if you already have an established branding. Congratulations! Let’s use it then!

Would it be easy to edit my website?

Absolutely! The platform I am using to develop your website is called Webflow. It has probably the most user-friendly CMS system in the market. In addition, Webflow is a no-code platform, which means you can make changes yourself with a bit of learning.

Would I have your support after launch?

I will provide you with 2 weels after launch support.

How can I pay?

I have multiple payment options. You can pay in full and get the best possible price, or you can split the payment up to 4 times.

Not sure
where to start?

Just schedule a free discovery call with me. And I will address your questions and make recommendations based on the specifics of your brand.

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